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A Private Investigator In Need

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The past five (5) days I have really made some posts designed to inspire humor and laughter, while at the same time “striking back” at two (2) individuals that have attempted to cause me some discomfort for no other reason than they are just malicious and mean-spirited people. I hope the audience here has found those posts entertaining.

But now it is time to talk about something very serious. I have an associate in Phoenix, AZ. who is a Licensed Private Investigator, that has just recently started her business up again. She used to be a Private Investigator and then left the business to spend more time with her family. Her husband became very ill and she went back into Private Investigation work to help support her family, she focused her work areas on work she could do from home so she could take care of her husband too. She is a nice lady, that has made a lot of sacrifices and has worked hard to try to be a good wife, a good business lady, and a good person. Her name is: Dondi (Dee) Lucia Frigerio-Holmes.

Dee has found herself in a terrible situation that any of us could find ourselves in, and I am here to ask you to consider helping her with whatever you can afford to offer. I have an excerpt from Dee that I would like to share with you all, so you can see the situation she is in here:

“My husband passed away Thursday evening. He has been ill for some time and his care had come to consume my days. I had a regular job that I lost a couple of years ago due to the economy going bust and figured I would start another PI agency so I could be home and take care of my husband and still make a salary. Unfortunately my PI biz has not taken off as quickly as I had hoped and my husband’s health declined rapidly. We were barely making ends meet and have had to sell off personal things to make ends meet most months. My husband had gained a great deal of weight so his funeral expenses are higher, we have no insurance (he was a vet so VA insured, his illness not service related so they will not pay for funeral) and I have no money for his cremation.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a terrible position for this lady to be in. This lady has to get her husband’s burial needs attended to by tomorrow; Monday 03/07/2011. I could not help but feel terrible for this lady because she is a colleague but most of all because she is a decent human being that just wants to try to lay her husband to rest and try to move on with her life. I’d like to ask for your assistance in helping this lady in any way you can. I’d like to list her contact details and an email to her PayPal account, so if you can find it in your heart to help her to lay her husband to rest, you will be able to do so. Below are Dee’s contact details:

Dondi (Dee) Lucia Frigerio-Holmes

The Looking Glass, LLC

Phoenix, AZ 85060

AZ License #1597140 & 1597141

phone:623/252-2223 fax: 602/680-7850


Member of Investigators of America

Here is an email address for Dee that you can send a donation to her with through PayPal: thelookingglass2@cox.net

I hope that the people reading this can help this lady to lay her husband to rest in a dignified manner. With all of the hatred and malice occurring at our Military Veteran’s Funerals; wouldn’t it be nice to know that you did something to help just one of them and his family out in their time of need?

Thank you all for your time and for your readership.

Take care.

Written by Rick Gurley

March 7, 2011 at 12:12 AM

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