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Net Tools 5.0; One Of The Best FREE Internet Investigation Tools On The Net!

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I was looking to update my “arsenal” of software to conduct some of the investigations that I usually conduct for clients. Of course I found the “old usuals” like Sam Spade and a few other ancient tools. Don’t read into the terms I just used the wrong way, Sam Spade was really good in its time and is still very useful today; but things have changed a bit in regards to how the Internet works now and how it worked only ten years ago.  I like real robust tools that work dependably and give accurate results.

So in my quest for an updated, robust, and comprehensive tool for conducting various Internet Investigations such as Internet Profiling, Email Tracing, Security Scanning and other services that my company offers to select clients; I was surprised to find a tool matching my description of current, robust, and comprehensive being offered for FREE! Of course I would not have known how useful and comprehensive this tool would turn out to be until I tested it. So I downloaded the tool and started putting it through various tests to see how well it performed. I was surprised at the sheer volume of tools that could be found inside of this piece of software. I was even more surprised when I saw how well all the tools in this piece of software worked.

Net Tools 5.0 turned out to be one of the best, most versatile, comprehensive, and diverse pieces of software that I have used in a long time. Net Tools 5.0 has far too many tools to list here; but it really does live up to the name “multipurpose”!

Below is a screenshot of just a few of the tools that come with Net Tools 5.o:

Net Tools 5.0 Tools Menu

Net Tools 5.0 has many applications that are useful for anything from Internet Profiling, Email Tracing,  Internet Searching (Try The “Power Of Google” Tool For Deep Web Searches for Confidential and Classified Documents), to even analysing your own computer for problems.

If you are a Private Investigator and a portion of your work is Computer or Internet Based, this is one tool that I HIGHLY recommend!

Written by Rick Gurley

March 20, 2011 at 3:46 PM

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