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If you look over on the right hand side you will see a caption titled “RMRI Investigative Consulting” and under that caption you will see a “card” with a “Call Me Button” on it. This is something new that I have started that is designed to allow me to help people who are in need of a specific type of help, and also be compensated for my time in doing so.

There are times when you just don’t want to come into an office and ask questions but you need some advice that you believe is important to have. At the same time if you know anything about business then you know that “Time Is Money”.  So you may find yourself confronted with a situation where you might not get the best advice you can get because the person you are seeking the advice from does not have the time to thoroughly advise you due to having to work for paying clients. Well now, with just a phone call you can become a “Paying Client” that does not have to worry about taking up too much of someone’s time that is being paid to attend to others.

RMRI, Inc. now offers Investigative Consultations right over the phone. We can help you with a wide variety of issues. If you are a consumer, we can help you decide if you need a Private Investigator or if you might not need to spend your hard-earned money on hiring one. If it turns out that you do not need a P.I. we can provide “tips” and resources that should greatly assist you in handling whatever issues you have called us about. if you have already hired a Private Investigator or you have one in mind, we can give you the “inside scoop” on that Private Investigator and help you determine if he or she is the right fit for your needs. We can do all of this for a fraction of what we would charge if you otherwise engaged us.

If you are a new Private Investigator or are wanting to become a Private Investigator and start your own business, we can help you with learning about licensing laws, becoming legal, gathering free or inexpensive resources to start your business and/or run your business economically, give you advertising tips, give you document templates for protecting your business and making sure that you get paid, provide Internet links to you that will help you to saves thousands of dollars each year, and much, much more.

Please feel free to call on us if you feel like we can be of assistance. We are standing by ready to take your calls now.

Our Rate Is $1.50/Minute Via Telephone.

Ricky B. Gurley.

Written by Rick Gurley

February 4, 2011 at 9:09 PM

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