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The Interesting Case Of David Riley; The Arrest – Part (3)

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In this segment I’d like to focus on the audio file that the Columbia Police Department is touting as proof positive that David Riley was actively resisting arrest. I was being interviewed by Mark Slavit of KRCG Channel 13 News on Tuesday August 17,2010. After the interview was over with, Mr. Slavit was kind enough to share some of the details of what he was told by Jill Wieneke one of the Public Information Officers for the CPD. Apparently Jill Wieneke had the audio transcript and was proudly holding it up like she was displaying the prized bass at a bass fishing tournament. Well Okay, lets take a look at what this audio file, and my transcript actually indicates. I had the audio file transcribed by a service that I use quite often named SpeakWrite. SpeakWrite is a really handy and convenient service for Attorneys, Private Investigators, and anyone else that has a need to transcribe audio files into readable documents. SpeakWrite even has a program for your smart phone that will allow you to record from your phone, send the file to SpeakWrite via email, and have the transcribed audio sent back to your email via phone. SpeakWrite is also available to transcribe audio files twenty four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, and their turn around time is usually less than three (3) hours. So, a big plug for SpeakWrite!

Now if Jill Wieneke wants to hold up a transcript and hand out the audio file from The Officer’s Lapel Mike that recorded David Riley’s arrest, then she should not mind us scrutinizing her evidence.

First, let’s listen to the sound file. The sound file is listed below:

David Riley Arrest Audio Full File With Computer Sounds Off

Now in order to keep from being accused of modifying this file in such a way that it is favorable to David Riley  we take certain steps to explain and authenticate the process of transferring audio file and converting them. This is what I am going to do now.

The audio file above was originally taken from an article in the Columbia Daily Tribune titled: Investigator Stirs Up Closed Case. I opened up the internal Mic on one of my laptops (an Alienware M17) and I let the Mic record the audio from the sound file that was in the above listed news article. The file format for that file was WMA (Windows Media Audio). I then checksummed the file to authenticate it’s digital signature. Below are the checksums for the WMA audio file:

David Riley Arrest Audio File Computer Sounds Off  WMA MD5 Checksum: E84DC7CAC0D095A6C65F00108A151C8D

David Riley Arrest Audio File Computer Sounds Off WMA SHA-1 Checksum: 28202E6BB832572E30F48A637DB1C0C2C3B562EB

Next I converted the WMA file to an MP3 File with an audio program named Goldwave. I then checksummed the new MP3 audio file. Below are the checksums for the MP3 audio file:

David Riley Arrest Audio File Computer Sounds Off MP3 MD5 Checksum:  975B86EDAF98C15DAE9EE5E41ABDCA30

David Riley Arrest Audio File Computer Sounds Off MP3 SHA1 Checksum: DD7F12DAF312C9B22CB9BFF532B733D336D46329

This authenticates evidence that is on the Alienware M17 Laptop. And this will be important in the near future, because I am having the audio file enhanced, and hopefully we will all be able to hear exactly what David Riley said to the Officer the night he was arrested at the Ultra-Mart on Paris Rd. in Columbia, MO.

For now, let’s take a look at the actual audio file transcript that I had made. I’d like to discuss some key points of this transcript.

Now lets try to get an understanding here before we go any further. An audio file is just that, it is a sound file. There are no visual images that accompany it. So, what we are hearing and what we believe happened based on the audio file are actually two different things. Because the sound file does not display images our mind interprets the sound file into a “guesstimate” of what is occurring on the sound file. But there are some pieces of information that we can extrapolate that do tell us some things without our mind having to guess at what is happening.

Below is the transcript of the audio file that was made by SpeakWrite:

David Riley Arrest Audio Transcription

Okay, so when we open this file up we see alot of cussing and swearing and it is all coming from David Riley. What David Riley is saying though is not really all that telling, or it is at least not as telling as what the Officer is saying in this transcript:

If you ever wanted proof that David Riley was initially complying with the Officer during his arrest, before he was kicked while he was down on the ground, look for it in the highlighted areas of the David Riley Arrest Audio Transcription. Think about this; if David Riley was not on the ground and in compliance with the Officer, then why did the Officer say: “Get on the ground. Stay on the ground.” and then approximately two (2) seconds later: “If you get up I am. Stay on the ground.” and then approximately three (3) seconds later: “Stay on the ground.”?

Think about what this means for a minute. If David Riley was not on the ground and in compliance, then why did the Officer tell him to “STAY on the ground”?

What happened here is fairly obvious. Looking at the video, listening the audio, and looking at the witness statements; this Officer kicked David Riley while he was on the ground and in compliance, and this enraged David Riley and he began to become very agitated.

And this begs the next question; Why did the Officer choose to kick David Riley instead of handcuffing David Riley? Had the Officer handcuffed David Riley, everything else that followed from that point forward would probably not have happened; unless the Police would beat a man that is handcuffed, that is??

Think about this for a while as you await the Audio Enhancement that is being worked on. Ask yourself the hard questions about this case. Don’t just take my word for what is happening, look at the video, listen to the audio, look at the transcript from the audi and make sure that everything you can clearly hear in the audio is on the transcript. Look at the witness statements. Decide for yourself.

The Audio File Enhancement should be up very soon. I am going to put it on this segment of this article.

Until then; stay tuned.

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Written by Rick Gurley

August 20, 2010 at 4:29 AM

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