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Linux and Windows Running On The Same Computer

(Thanks To VMWare)


Well, it has been a while since I made a post here. I have been hard at work. RMRI, Inc. has made a few enhancements that should serve our clientele well.

First of all, RMRI, Inc. got an office in the city of Columbia, MO. I have had offices outside of my home before and have worked as a home-based business also. When one takes the time and is willing to spend the money to set up a professional office, with a conference room, a forensic laboratory, and a reception area clients are served faster and in greater comfort. This is one of the enhancements that RMRI, Inc. has made.

Second of all, RMRI, Inc. has started working with two other companies to giving us far greater capabilities than we have ever had. Now we are working with Thoth Data Systems and S and D Enterprises which means that we have one of the most knowledgeable computer programmers that I know assisting us with our cyber-investigations, we have several well qualified computer forensic examiners available, and we have access to a level 10 clean room so that we can actually work with hard drives at the platter level. There are very few private companies that have the resources that we have to handle digital forensics investigations.

Third of all, our equipment is second to none. With some of the most powerful computers in the industry, custom made scripts to automate some of the imaging process for a wide variety of digital media, a complete and comprehensive knowledge of Windows and *nix systems, we are able to do more work faster than any other digital forensics company and just as thorough or more so.

We are now able to offer an even wider array of computer services too. Thanks to the cooperation of Thoth Data Systems we can offer custom built Firewalls, PBX Systems, set up state of the art secure servers and networks, off-site backup, and penetration testing and security consulting that is effective. See Thoth Data Systems here: Thoth Data Systems. We are also pleased to be working with S and D Enterprises, one of the hardest working Data Recovery Experts in the business. Through S and D Enterprises we are now able to recovery data from physically “broken” hard drives in a class 10 clean room; meaning we can recovery data that most Forensic Examiners can not even begin to think about recovering on their own and we stand a good chance of even defeating most platter locking schemes. See S and D Enterprises here: S and D Enterprises.

With Thoth Data Systems, S and D Enterprises, and RMRI, Inc. as separate companies all working together to serve the public, there is simply no better option for the consumer.


Ricky B. Gurley.

RMRI, Inc.

Written by Rick Gurley

October 16, 2008 at 4:25 PM

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