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Rick At His Office

What am I up to?

I am probably just working away on a case! This is how much of my day is spent; at a desk writing reports, sifting through information, or talking on the phone. Onn this blog I hope to take you on a journey into what it is that I and many other Private Investigators do. I hope that you (the reader) will participate by asking questions, and posting your opinions, and that in doing so you will also learn some of the positive things that Private Investigators do. With your participation here; I also hope to learn from you; and hopefully we can both walk away with a positive learning experience.

On this blog, hopefully you will find positive comments about Private Investigators, and maybe some negative comments about Private Investigators.

On this blog you will also find “tips and tricks” to help you do some of your own P.I. work that you may not have to hire a Private Investigator for. You will find useful tools and links that may help you find what you are looking for without having to hire a Private Investigator, or that may be useful to you if you are a Private Investigator.

On this blog you will hear about interesting cases and news about the Private Investigation Business; rest assured it will all be public information but at least you won’t have to go scouring the Internet for it any longer after you get here. So, just feel free subscribe if you want.

On this blog you can post a comment with a few exceptions. You can not SPAM this blog, I watch it carefully and I’ll drop you right in the “SPAM Bucket” if you do. You can not come onto my blog and post a nasty comment about me, this blog is my “yard”, I don’t go “take a crap” in your yard; do I? So, why should I let you come “take a crap” in my yard? Other than those two rules, feel free to leave a comment and I will make sure that it gets posted.

Lastly, if you read this blog and it is not helpful to you, you find that you can not find and answer to a question that you have, or you just want some further clarification on a matter that involves Private Investigation work, call me! I am always available, and I am happy to talk to you; but it will cost you. Here is my number and it costs per minute to talk to me about anything related to Private Investigations. You may ask, why? Well because my time is worth something too. I mean if I am “thinking for you” or helping you to solve s problem related to Private Investigations am I not working for you? My number is on the right hand side under the words RMRI Investigative Consulting. But if you have managed to miss that number; here it is: 1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 04404079.

Now if you have read this blog, and you have seriously decided that you would like to talk to me about hiring my company to work for you, then by all means please do feel free to contact me through any of the many phone numbers below so we can talk about it. But a word of caution. If you call me on one of the numbers listed below because you thought you could get by on the “cheap” and get a question answered or get FREE help with a problem that you may have; you will be told to call the RMRI Investigative Consulting phone number and then promptly hung up on. I am not trying to be rude to you, but I also don’t particularly relish people who disrespect me by not considering that my time is worth something too. What I’d like to do on this blog is offer a resource for the general public, that may help the general public in understanding a little more about the Private Investigation Business, the basics of Private Investigations, how to conduct your own basic investigations for your own personal use NOT FOR PROFIT IF YOU ARE UNLICENSED; THAT IS ILLEGAL AND YOU COULD BE CHARGED WITH A MISDEMEANOR FOR DOING SO. And hopefully if you find yourself in need of a Private Investigator after reading this blog it will be for a case that will be challenging therefore worth spending your money to hire a Private Investigator to help you.


Risk Management Research & Investments, LLC.

Agency License Number:  2011001124
Private Investigator License Number: 2011001072

Mailing Address: 814 E. Broadway, Suite C, Columbia, MO. 65201
Office Address: 814 E.Broadway Suite C, Columbia, MO. 65201

Direct Office Number: (573) 815-7674
Cell Phone: (573) 999-6276
Toll Free Phone: (888) 571-0958
Toll Free Fax: (877) 795-9800

RMRI, Inc. Website

RMRI, Inc. Blog

Written by Rick Gurley

April 13, 2009 at 10:22 AM

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